Sydex USA - Customer Testimonials

Sydex USA has supplied pumps for a new innovation in water treatment based on a novel proprietary technology.

In its early trial stage, the skid mounted pump sets are proving to be more than adequate for the task in hand.  As part of the process; the Sydex USA K series units pump flocculated Water/ Wastewater from a break tank to a solid separation stage downstream.
The floc is quite delicate (as no polymer is added) and so minimum break-up is essential.  A constant flow rate is also required with minimal head loss; so the pumps have been installed with variable speed (frequency) drives. It is anticipated that the demo unit, currently installed in a wastewater treatment site in South East England, will prove itself and the technology employed..

AguaCure Limited, a UK-based company specialising in proven electrochemical water treatment technologies, is part of the Modern Water plc portfolio. The technology offers major environmental and economic benefits through removing dissolved and suspended contaminants from water whilst eliminating bacteria and viruses. Its versatility allows the process to be used in a variety of applications including membrane pre-treatment, mine wastewater, metal finishing, and treating phosphate-contaminated water.
Sydex USA Limited is proud to be associated with an innovative company like Modern Water, and looks forward to working with them again in the near future.

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