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November 2012

The Sky's the limit !Kardex Vertical Storage Unit

When you have dozens of models, hundreds of possible variants and hence thousands of parts needed to support both production and spares supply where do you find the space to keep them all ?  If you have a thriving business, increasing sales and an expanding product range how do you make the best of the limited space available to support your expansion?

It may only be when we cast our eyes skyward that we see that although Outer space is possibly infinite our little bit of it definitely isn’t.  However, in the very act of looking to the heavens it may be realised that we do often have a large underutilised space available to us, although not always easily accessible.

Sydex Srl has rationalised its part storage areas to create  more usable floor space for both production and the efficient supply  of  spare parts and after-sales support items by introducing  a computerised vertical storage and retrieval system from Swiss manufacturer,  Kardex. Combining a small footprint with flexible, large volume   capacity and rapid retrieval  systems, this skyscraper storage unit has proven a significant advance at our Italian factory.

The Remstar Shuttle unit is capable of storing thousands of items with easy access for both manufacturing, typically saving 3 days on the factory cycle for pump production or  enabling  30% more spare parts to be despatched  the same day or within a  24 hour period.
Integration with the MRP systems ensures that inventory levels are maintained whilst stock is optimised for the best possible delivery and maximum availability.
Ongoing investment keeps Sydex USA at the leading edge of both the technological and supply chain frontiers.  Continuing  to seek improvement through innovation and speedy  adoption of  efficient techniques & equipment promises our customers a continuing level of quality and availability  unmatched by our competitors. 

September 2012

Size does matter!

 Small has always been beautiful but today it also has to be digital.  This is as true for progressing cavity pumps as it is for mobile phones, eReaders or Megapixel cameras.
The new range of Precision Digital Metering pumps, announced at ACHEMA  2012,  is now available “ off the shelf ” in two standard ranges.
The PDM17 & PDM 70 series are offered in both a light and heavy duty  version , delivering pressures up to 25 & 35 bar respectively. With the optional stepper motor drive accuracy can be predicted within 1% with a 99% level of  repeatability.


The Pump Manager software, which requires only minimal system overhead and is quickly and easily installed,  has a combined set up and operational screen with  a clear and simple layout that is very intuitive to use. A dedicated calibration function ensures dosing can be controlled and maintained across a very wide range of  viscosity, temperatures and pressures.  Moreover the choice of a digital motor  not only  allows  direct control from a PC but also full integration into a larger  automated system.

If you have an application where precise control  and  extremely accurate metering is a necessity then talk to us about our micro pump solution.

July 2012

Were You there?

Living up to everyone’s expectations  ACHEMA  2012,  was deemed a resounding success by both visitors and exhibitors alike.  Europe’s largest and most prestigious Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection & Biotechnology  exhibition  and Conference opportunity ,  took   place in Frankfurt  between  the 18thto 22ndJune. 
This , the 30thshow attracted around 167,000 visitors , had over 3750 exhibitors  and was presented over an impressive show   area  exceeding   136,000m2.  Sydex USA were present on the Sydex group  stand in Hall 9 for the majority of the show and were delighted to meet and greet  customers  both old and new  along with dealers and distributors from across the planet.


Unveiled for the first time, a new range of fully submersible pumps that will shortly become part of our standard Manufacturing programme and a new collaborative project introducing a range of high precision  micro pumps for scientific , pharmaceutical and chemical industries aroused considerable interest. The reputation of the K range , progressing cavity pump continues to grow and this was borne out by the many favourable comments  and positive statements made by the many  visitor  looking at a selection of the range on show.

Franco Geneche   International Sales Manager  for Sydex Srl stated that he was extremely pleased with the quality of the enquiries received, the overall  level of interest  from all the various international markets and was  really encouraged by the positive response to the new products .

If you attended, what did you think  ?  Let us know if we impressed or disappointed.

April 2012

The only place to be this Summer.........Achema1

ACHEMA  2012,  Europe’s largest and most prestigious Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection &
Biotechnology  exhibition  and Conference opportunity ,  will take  place in Frankfurt  from the 18thto 22ndJune. 

This , the 30th show,  is expected to attract around 180,000 visitors , has over 4000 exhibitors  and covers  an  area  in excess of  140,000m2. In addition to showcasing the leading industry suppliers, contractors and  manufacturers  there is a programme of over  900 lectures, presentations  &  discussion forums being held in parallel at the Technical Congress.



Located in Hall 9, on Stand E63  Sydex has a 35m2 stand featuring 6 of its pumps,  predominately from the K range,  which are  rapidly becoming the benchmarks  for progressing cavity pumps within these and many other industries across the world.  In addition there will be two exciting new products being launched and recent developments in terms of production and organisational expansion and  will  be revealed.

We will be present on the stand for much of the week and if you are planning to attend we would be delighted to see you.  For full details of the Exhibition and Congress  visit


March 2012

Antibiotics Prescription

A leading French pharmaceutical company has just taken delivery of two BGB065, 6 stage progressing cavity pumps at their plant in Brindisi, South East Italy.
Designed to transport dewatered sludge from two GEA Westfalia centrifuges over a distance of some 30 metres to the incinerator, these bespoke “Open throat” pumps will replace the two competitor’s, 4 stage pumps currently installed.

The centrifuged mixture contains approximately 30 - 35% dry solids which, when combined with the polymer forms a spongy compressible mixture that acts much like a Bingham plastic fluid and therefore requires careful, controlled handling necessitating low speed operation yet demanding significant operating pressure to overcome the yield stress and meet the overall system requirements.

Powered by a 22kW Siemens motor, through a Nord heavy duty reduction gear box , the pump operating speed of 96rpm, can deliver up to 2800kg/h at around 25-28 bar; more than sufficient to match the Officine Cartigliano incinerator consumption capability.

The “Hybrid” design of these pumps introduces the advantages of a separate bearing housing, traditionally a feature of long coupled models, to the more compact and lower cost block type construction. Isolation of the gearbox from high axial loading and offering better operating conditions for the mechanical seal has always been Sydex’s preferred option but typically extended both the overall length and cost. By incorporating this additional bearing support between the pump drive shaft and gearbox the overall length is kept to a minimum, as is the additional cost but performance and service life is more comparable to that of the long coupled models.

Sydex were chosen to supply these replacements following the successful installation of various pumps to the Customer’s site in the Czech Republic and the ability to provide a technically superior solution at an affordable price.

January 2012

Pump up the Yoghurt

Sydex  trolley mounted food grade pump.

The pump, a BHF035-1L food grade model, was mounted to a stainless steel trolley and will be used to enable greater flexibility in the production of Yoghurt & Cream cheese when changes or increases in the scheduled output have to be accommodated. The gentle, non shearing action offered by a progressing cavity pump is ideal for dairy products, or any substance, that is shear sensitive or that is transferred at regulated temperatures. Full compliance with international regulation and standards for food hygiene, inherent in the HF series pump design, along with the optional CIP ( Clean In Place ) port to ensure thorough & easy cleaning, were the criteria set by the customer to satisfy the customer's own exacting hygiene standards.

Produced to order in just 5 weeks, this high quality stainless steel unit is destined to provide a highly polished performance that will lift yoghurt to a whole new level.



October 2011

Fast food at fair prices

The H range of Sydex hygiene & food standard progressing cavity pumps combine all the benefits of the acclaimed K range performance with a remarkably low cost supplement to meet the most stringent food and hygiene requirements.

Using high grade 316 stainless steel throughout the HL & HF models build on the well proven design & high quality manufacturing practices synonymous with the Sydex USA name. With particular attention to detail, e.g.  Highly polished surfaces on food grade HF series,   critical areas of hygiene and sanitation have been addressed to dramatically improve the effective cleaning and sterilisation processes.  With the optional CIP ( CleanIn Place ) port,  the integrity and  cleanliness of the pump can be readily maintained both inside and out.

The inherently low shear characteristics of a progressing cavity pump, enables gentle and effective conveying of shear sensitive fluids even when containing soft solids and with capacity of up to  50m3/h, pressures to 24 bar, an extensive choice of food grade elastomers available, it is easy to see why the H range is a popular choice  within thefood, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries.

Not only can we offer the best high quality, advanced technical solution, at a very  attractive price,  but in most cases we can also  deliver in less than 6 weeks..

September 2011

TORQUEFLOW-ELIMINATOR - it's all in the name

Since its introduction some 4 years ago, the Torqueflow –Eliminator , macerator pump has enjoyed a dramatic rise in sales, increasing in both the range of applications and scope of operation in which it has been employed . Combining the myriad advantages of the progressing cavity pump with the shearing power of a Bi-Hammer macerator has created an industry leading product.

Maintaining effective flow  through small bore pipes over longer distances or high lift is notoriously difficult when dealing with fluid with a high level of solids or suspended materials. By ensuring the input to the pump is reduced to small particles the risks of blockage, backflow  premature wear and pump damage are all but  eliminated.  As flow is independent of pressure this provides an ideal solution to many difficult demanding applications  with a single compact package.

 Contact us for more details.

Oct 2007


Progressing Cavity Pump Manufacturer Sydex USA, introduces Polyurethane for tough abrasive applications
Traditional elastomers including Nitrile [NBR], Ethylene Propylene [EPDM] and Viton/Fluorocarbon [FKM] are all used successfully in today’s progressing cavity pumps. Selection of the correct elastomer is just one aspect of ensuring reliable service, and good performance. Nitrile is a good all round elastomer for various chemical and slurry applications, and tends to be the first choice for abrasive duties. Viton has excellent chemical resistance properties, but performance is reduced if the liquid contains abrasive particles.

When selecting a pump, fundamental consideration should always be given to rotational pump speed [rubbing velocity is the term used to describe oscillation - in the form of a sine wave - of the pump rotor with the stator], differential pressure and the number of pump stages [‘slip’ or ‘backflow’ over the seal line of contact points between rotor and stator increases with pressure and can cause wear]. The more the elastomeric stator can flex when sharp abrasive particles pass over it, the less wear occurs. The ability of the stator to flex is significantly enhanced with Polyurethane, and tests carried out have given some very positive results.

Sydex USA are now able to offer this excellent elastomer in virtually all of its pump range, giving enhanced reliability, service life and most importantly of all reduced running costs for its customers.

Polyurethane was first developed in the late 1930s as a replacement for rubber. This new organic polymer was an ideal substitute for scarce materials, and spurred numerous applications. Polyurethane coatings were soon used for the impregnation of paper, high-gloss airplane finishes and chemical and corrosion resistant coatings to protect metal, wood and masonry.

Formulations, additives and processing techniques continued to be developed and improved, and now polyurethanes can be found virtually everywhere in everyday life. Polyurethane elastomers are incorporated in a multitude of diverse products such as thermoplastic polyurethane, cast elastomers and Reaction Injection Molded (RIM) products.


May 2007

Factory achieves ISO9001 TUV Quality Assurance:
We are pleased to announce that effective 15th May 2007, our factory in Lonigo is now certified by TUV to ISO9001:2000. Today’s customers demand their suppliers meet t he latest international standard for quality management and quality assurance systems..

ISO 9001:2000 includes the following main sections:

  • Quality Management System
  • Management Responsibility
  • Resource Management
  • Product Realisation
  • Measurement Analysis and Improvement

Sydex srl and Sydex USA Limited are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services that constantly meet or exceed customer expectations. The company’s philosophy is that quality assurance commences with the design of the product, and ends only when the customer obtains acceptable product function, perceived value and service.

All personnel within the organisation will assume accountability for the quality within their area of responsibility, and recognises the company values of total quality management. Through the effective instigation and integration of the quality system the company will address all aspects of customer satisfaction and will ensure that through continuous improvement prevent nonconformity.

The benefits of implementing ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System include:

  • Policies and objectives set by 'top management'
  • Understanding customer's requirements with a view to achieving customer satisfaction
  • Improved internal and external communications
  • Greater understanding of the organization's processes
  • Understanding how statutory and regulatory requirements impact on the organization and your customers
  • Clear responsibilities and authorities agreed for all staff
  • Improved use of time and resources
  • Reduced wastage
  • Greater consistency and traceability of products and services
  • Improved morale and motivation

This further demonstrates our commitment to being fully customer focused in the way we operate, today and in the future, and is a cornerstone of our continuing success and growth.

June 2007

New Greenline Range of Agitators launched
Sydex USA is dedicated to providing a full range of services to its customers. as a result we have now launched a new competitive range of agitators for the following applications:

  • Keeping solids in suspension
  • Dissolving
  • Sludge conditioning
  • Homogenization
  • Flash mixing of surface water
  • Floculation of waste water
  • Ph adjustment
  • Ddenitrification
  • Polyelectrolite
  • Lime of milk
  • Chemical make up, etc.

The vertical agitator series gives an answer to your needs for fluid mixing in civil or industrial processes for water treatment.

Jan 07

Torqueflow-Sydex UK Limited
Building on the continuing success of Sydex Pump, Torqueflow-Sydex UK Limited has been created to bring a much needed, and long overdue fresh dimension to the pump market.

We will do this by providing high-quality products, delivered on-time at competitive prices coupled with exceptional expertise.

We have over 20 years experience in the pump market, and our knowledge tells us that customers need and want to work in partnership with their suppliers. One of our strengths is our flexible approach, enabling us to adapt and change according to our customers’ needs, providing them with best practice solutions for their pumping application.

Keeping running costs low are today more important than ever. If pumps are selected or sized incorrectly the result will soon be expensive maintenance, unplanned down-time and even loss of production. Sydex USA will work closely with you to optimise pump selections ensuring your plant’s optimum performance.

We have found that many people are unaware, that there are significant factors that can be incorporated into pump selection. Watch our news section over the coming months for helpful tips and technical papers.

We want to make a difference